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Permission to use contents

You have the permission and to use the data for personal use only and you agree not to modify, change, copy, translate, and distribute content or delete, fail to display our promotional offers included in the website. However, you can store or print pages/contents which are for personal, non-commercial use only. You are forbidden to use any content, product, and category listing or description use on the website. We forbid you to displaying the trademark, name of firm, logo or identifier of any person or firm in a way which gives the user the impression that the person is distributor of services to our site. No part or pages of the site will be included, transferred or stored in any other website.

User obligations

AurangabadCity is an information portal and registration is optional on the website. You can either generate your own user id and password or can login with the help of other social plugins. If you choose to register yourself on the website you will be asked to fill in the registration form and will be provided with a user id and password once the registration process is complete. You agree to maintain the confidentiality of user Id and password. You understand and agree to take the responsibility of your account for all the transactions done using your user Id and password on our website. We won’t be responsible for any direct/indirect losses, damage, harm, or mental agony caused due to the misuse of your account. You also agree to inform us of any sort of misuse of your account. You take the responsibility to log off from your account after the end of session. You agree to provide true and correct information during the registration, failing to do which the company will have the right to suspend/terminate your registration and can also decline the access to the website. We shall not be responsible or liable for any direct, indirect, loss, damage and harm due to your failure to abide by these requirements.

Links to other websites

The contents provided on Aurangabadcity.com are only for general and informative use only. They can give you and brief and overview so should not be relied upon to make any decision. The reviews and replies on discussion forums on the website are personal opinions. We do not take any responsibility for any personal opinion as they are not subscribed to the website. There may be external link to the goods and products advertised on the website which may direct you to the website of the third party which can have aurangabadcity logo but over which we do not have any control or connection with. We do not take responsibility of the contents, authenticity, accuracy, products, graphics, and transactions on these sites. You agree that visiting these websites you are beyond aurangabadcity website. We are not responsible of any damage done on your relying on the content of advertisement. Users are advised to verify the relevance of the schemes and offers and should obtain appropriate advice if required.

Advertising contents on the website

This website contains advertising of local brands and products, promotional offers and material submitted by the clients or by the third party. Responsibility and liability for ensuring that the Material, scheme, images and offer provided to upload on the website is of the party providing the information/material/contents. We won’t be responsible for any correspondence, dealings made between client and advertisers other than AurangabadCity for the content included in the website. We won’t be responsible or liable for any claim, inaccuracy or error in advertising material or of any loss/damage incurred as a result of content provided by non AurangabadCity advertisers. Thought we reserve the right to change/modify/delete/ suspend contents and material provided for advertising purpose.


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